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How can you make ice balls that are clear and perfectly round?

How can you make ice balls that are clear and perfectly round?

Making ice balls isn’t hard as it sounds, on the contrary!

Once you know how to make them you can start making variations and add things to them such as fruits like in the picture above (note- if you choose to add lemon it will be almost impossible to make a clear ice ball because of the acidity, you can also see the result in the above picture)

In this article I will focus on how to make perfect spheres and how to make them transparent.

There are several ways to make ice spheres, you can use a machine that makes Ice Balls (but costs a lot) or take a large chunk of ice and start carving it and melting it till you have a sphere, and they all work.

Silicone Ice molds provide an inexpensive way to make spheres of ice that is fast, simple and easy to do again and again making more than one sphere at a time (to be more exact- making 6 spheres using SUMPRI Ice Ball Maker mold).
To make the perfect sphere one has to close both sides of the mold together and fill it up through the holes on top (it’s better to place the mold on a flat surface when you do this so that the water won’t spill out when you move the mold to the freezer).
Allow some excess water to run out of the holes and fill the top part of the mold (this creates pressure that holds the top part in place).
To make the sphere transparent place the mold in a cooler box and fill the bottom part of the box with some water (make sure not to fully cover the surface of the mold, but leave it exposed). Leave the top part of the cooler open (use any object to keep the top cover of the box not completely closed, I used a spoon).
This action allows the water to freeze from the top down, this allows the water molecules to freeze in an orderly way giving you transparent ice!!!
Place the cooler box in the freezer and let it freeze for about 6-8 hours.
Take the mold out of the cooler box and break the ice around it (it may take a bit of work to get the mold out of the box, just hit the ice so it breaks but dont use anything sharp so you don’t cut the mold). You can use some running water to make this easier.
When you get the mold out it will be covered with ice on top and around it – just break it off,

it’s real easy and you can twist the mold as much as you want – it’s silicone remember.


Peel off the top part of the mold and voilà!!! 6 clear, round ice balls – Enjoy.I

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